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What others have to say

These are the testimonials of people who suffered from anxiety, and have been through the Freedom from Fear Recovery Program with great success.

September 7th 2016

About 7 years ago, I was a little kid in 5th grade, I enjoyed playing video games and hockey. I played with my friends, enjoyed life and carried on without a worry in my heart just as any 12 year old would do. As I progressed through the 5th grade year however, something changed inside. I began to be stressed out at everything. Thoughts would come into my head and my conscience refused to let go of them. They would stay for days at a time, only to be replaced by another right after. Then came the physical symptoms, which were even worse than the thoughts, because I couldn't hold them inside and hide them from my classmates. Every morning before school I would worry myself sick(literally) and burst into tears all the while this carried on for quite a while. I saw a psychiatrist at my local clinic, and despite being a great outlet for me to vent, she could not relate because she hadn't suffered like I had. Well that was it then I thought, none of my classmates had ever appeared to be like me, and even my doctor hadn't experienced what I had. I felt utterly alone.

After a while, I got desperate. I reached out to the internet, and googled "how to beat anxiety". There in the side bar, where normally the ads that no one pays attention to are, sat the title "freedom from fear recovery program" I excitedly clicked through the website, reading all of the sections. A momentary sense of peace washed over me. This guy was describing exactly how I felt right here on this website. From physical symptoms to the thoughts that followed me everywhere. This man was like me. Then I got to the testimony page. Hundreds of them. All like me. I rushed to my mom as soon as she got off of work and showed her. Obviously, my mother was a lot more sceptical than I was. Even through her scepticism she couldn't deny the fact that this man had described exactly how her son had been feeling all this time. I showed her that there was an option to call on the phone and actually talk to the man who had created the whole thing, David Johnson. She reluctantly agreed to let me call to see what all this was about before she would think about purchasing the program.

I got on the phone and David picked up. I put him on speaker phone with my mother and explained the entire situation to him. He understood everything. He had answers and assurance. I was amazed and for the first time I cried tears of joy because I had finally found someone like me that I could talk to. My entire attitude changed and my mom took notice. We purchased the program and loaded it on to my IPod nano. Little did I know then that my journey had just begun. The first listen through of the program hit me the hardest. I hung on to every word as David described everything that had been happening to me. He made it all so simple for me to understand. As nice as all of it was.

I was still battling with all of my symptoms and thoughts daily. Some were worse than others, but even on the best days, I went back to the program. It became part of my routine. I would listen to it with my mother every night to put me to sleep, even though some nights that meant getting through tears. Each of the stops on my journey to recovery was a chance to practice. My mother and david constantly reminded me of that. I made a habit of calling him at least once a week(sometimes more if things were going quite badly). Then I got into the forum very heavily. I loved reading all about everyone else's progress and it felt like I had a second family that was just like me, and there to support me whenever I needed. The thoughts I was having that day? Someone on the forum had been there, done that, and was ready to help.

I honestly could not have gotten through my condition without the forum. I kept chugging and kept practicing. I was beginning to understand the concept of accepting the feeling the thoughts, and then letting them be, which is so incredibly difficult. My entire journey of suffering culminated at one unforgettable moment. I was in class in 7th grade, and the familiar feelings of anxiety were creeping into my stomach and into my throat. Relax, Jacob, you know what to do, just accept it and let it be, it will pass. It wasn't happening so easily this time. I didn't want to break down in class, so I was trying my hardest to hold it together for the time being. If I could make it to the bell, I could run to the bathroom and at least lose it in private. I kept reminding myself to accept. To just let it be. I was praying for a miracle to help me. To take this feeling away.

Then suddenly, just as I thought the anxiety was going to hit me hardest, a wave of calm passed over my entire body, and it felt as though the anxiety was melting out of me. I knew I was going to be okay. Everything was peaceful inside of me. I had a feeling inside of me that no matter what came my way after that moment, I would accept it and move on. I knew I had reached recovery. That is my journey, and I tell it to remind everyone who is in the thick of it that YOU CAN DO IT. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel and you will reach it. And you will be stronger on the other side because of it. Remember it is just a moment. Just a thought. It is not you. You are in control, and through practice, you can make it through your darkest of days.

This program is the only one I have found that doesn't claim to be the magic wand that will cure you instantly. In fact it claims just the opposite. Recovery is a process. A tough one. And it's going to take going through hell and back at times to get there. BUT YOU WILL GET THERE. Remember that you are never alone. Remember that someone has been as stuck as you are now. They came out on the other side and so will you. Never lose faith in the process.


December 23rd 2015

Hi David,

Just wanting to wish you and yours a wonderful and peaceful season.

I can't help reminding you how my life has changed since I found your program, and how grateful I am! I see how all the pieces fit together, I understand the whole sequence of events that led me to a life of anxiety, I totally 'get it', and am totally committed to the method. I see so many places where the BLUFF took over, and second fear stepped in, for absolutely nothing! Here I am, travelling in a camper, all the way to Chiapas State, in the most southern tip of Mexico, being a gypsy, for goodness sake.

Who'd have thought it possible?


December 11th 2015

This is an overview note to express my gratitude to you and your program for how my life has transformed over the past 12 months. I discovered your programme quite early into my nervous illness and having previously "recovered" some years ago thought I quickly understood the messages and would have a straightforward path to recovery. What I learned, through painful experience, however was that my previous recovery was based on "winning the argument" against all the stupid thoughts that anxiety threw my way and armed with a multitude of books, I had taken a CBT /NLP with a bit of acceptance thrown in approach. It had kept me very happy and content for a number of years after my first experience of anxiety, but after a sustained two year period of stress at work it was unravelling fast. I couldn't settle on one approach and my battle to fix this was making me worse. I felt I was spiralling out of control and at one point felt so utterly desperate that I believed even your program, which seemed to work so well for everyone else, had failed me. I really felt that there was no way back for me. How wrong I was!

I finally got it through to my mind, which wanted to "fight, fight, fight", that it was my very desire to be rid of my anxiety which was prolonging its stay. You'd been telling me this for ages and it was certainly a very regular theme of your program, but although I heard your words and understood them I didn't truly embrace them.

The miracle of your program is that once you acknowledge and "be with" the feelings, however horrific they may be (and believe me, they WERE horrific) they slowly but surely melt away, like the mist on a cold dawn.

Now I know we all must discover this for ourselves; it is not enough simply to be told. If it were, we would all recover immediately. Your program has given me the tools, but it wasn't until I started to use them that I found myself heading to recovery.

What I have experienced over the past 12 months is sustained improvement to the extent that I am now longer in an anxiety state. It hasn't been an easy journey and I've had many bumps in the road, but ever since I truly understood your message and went out of my way to embrace the feelings I have lost my fear of them. And once this happens, recovery starts to happen pretty rapidly.

My life has been back to normal for some time. You encouraged me to get back to work, which was tough at first, but a few months back I took on a bigger and better role at a new business – unthinkable only 10 months ago. I am enjoying life, living in the moment and not over thinking things and loving being with my young children as they grow up. I actually find that I am moving to a far more content place than I was before my nervous illness.

So, am I fully recovered? No, I'm not. But that doesn't matter to me, because I know that I will. And I genuinely use those moments when old feelings start to resurface as practise. I need more practise before I get over the line, but that's fine because the practise no longer matters.

If you're reading this, feeling in despair and hoping to find a miracle cure, I'd urge you to go on David's program. Not because it's a miracle cure, but because the miracle comes in understanding that it is your response that is keeping you in this state. And David's program is the key that will enable you respond the right way, to get to that place where you are no longer trying to think yourself better and are getting on with your life with anxiety there. And then the miracle starts to unfold...

Thank you David!


Hi guys, god it's so good to be back Yay! Great to see my old fff friends again, Linny, Char it's been soooh long Jenisa and Sheila I also salute you both for all the time and effort you put into this forum. Well done guys. Well just for the record, I am recovered too yay! and owe it all to this wonderful program. Like Char I do still get anxious but then who doesn't! When I have a stressful time, I acknowledge it and accept it, it always passes, always. My life now is so good, and full of exciting things, I just wish I had found David's program when I was younger. For all you on the program, you will get there, this is the only way forward. Stick with it and you will reach recovery. Anyone wishing to message me, your more than welcome

Hey Linny so good to see your an Administrator now yay! Well done xx

Luv Geraldine xx

17/02/2015 - A memoir of thanks to David

On this day... This note or post has a very special meaning to me. As time goes by, I feel such gratitude for David Johnson and his coming into my life. David, I'm moved... Even to tears... Light hearted tears, yet also profound... Tears of thankfulness and of authentic inner peace and happiness.

I owe you David - Thank you beyond any words. I know these feelings are the same as so many of us here. We see so many 'songs of praise' and thanks for all he's done, from each of us on this forum. As we personally come to know, these are not empty, casual or overly dramatized words.

Hasn't each of our lives taken on more and more meaning every day that goes by? I, like so many of us, no longer fear, nor have unnecessary worries, nor self doubts, nor ugly background jabber inside my head. On the other side of the coin I now have confidence, inspiration, ambition and motivation, goals, better health, more friends, and a better relationship with my husband, family and friends. In other words... I now Have So Much.

It will be 6 years next month since I joined the forum and started the program with Freedom From Fear. I can't believe how time has flown by. It's been almost 4 years since I recovered.

I had no doubt about my recovery. I did wait to 'announce' it until I was sure. I guess it scared me to make it official. Finally I felt confident enough. (The last vestige of 2nd fear) So I took the plunge and told the world. I knew I'd never have another symptom.

I have to tell you all of this because you are the only ones who really get it. You know the value of being truly free! I never knew this feeling until I recovered because I had never been symptom free for even a moment of my then 48 years of life. So when I was released from that prison finally, I could not believe the emotions of exhilaration I felt.

Of course I don't feel this every minute of every day. I'd be exhausted if I did. This incredible feeling that comes over me every now and then though, reminding me of my recent and newfound freedom, as each of you who have recovered or are nearing recovery have felt, makes me want to shout it from the rooftops. But no one else gets it! I find it frustrating at times, to not have someone else to share the passion of the experience with, face to face, one on one. Alas, we are a rare breed, aren't we?

Well a couple of months ago, when my husband and I were on a camping trip with friends, riding our horses in the mountains, the feeling came over me and I did not care if my friends thought I was crazy. They already know I am anyway! And I just could not contain the joy I felt at that moment. Of course being on my horse is always a cause for joy, but this was more than that.

In that fraction of a moment I remembered ever so nimbly, how encumbered I used to be. I was inhibited, blocked from experiencing joy in any event. I was plagued by the annoying background jabber that was literally killing all joyful affairs. It was as if I were being constricted by a boa every minute of my life. Every presentiment (and there were many) depleted me. I had nowhere I could escape to. There was no letup. I was a prisoner in the truest sense of the word and it was torture.

So what did I do in that fraction of a moment of realization? I raced on the back of my horse with my hands flying above me, feeling free and confident, and I yelled at the top of my lungs - "I'm so happy!!!" Simple words? Big deal? Yes to both. This declaration embodies my current existence. That is a very big deal to me. I never knew I could feel this way. Not only that, I feel happy every single day that I wake up in spite of any worries or concerns I may have at the time.

Thank you David. You have my eternal gratitude. You've given me something more valuable than what any other person now on this Earth could ever give me. I couldn't ever repay you and wish I could. Funny thing is, I don't think you want repayment. You have the same gratefulness to yet another person – Dr Claire Weekes. And the legend goes on..........

Keep life beautiful. Practice Freedom from Fear.

Hi everybody,
Just to let you know the outcome of my recent backpack trip in the mountains.

It was spectacular and exciting; beautiful and awesome. Did the Gremlins/What-ifs come around after dark? Well, yes, the memory of them floated through my mind, and the habit of the feeling of the start of panic passed through me one night, early in the week. What did I do? Well, I reminded myself that I was dealing with a bluff; that there was nothing tangible attached to the feeling. So, to aid myself in 'letting it all happen' in that moment, I used David's breathing technique for about an hour. I said to myself, and believed: "I just don't care if I have those memories, because, in reality, there is nothing there but a big fat bluff.'

AND, more importantly I think, I reminded myself that these episodes are what I need to take myself into recovery. This helped me refrain from recoiling, or desperately trying to rid myself of the feelings of anxiety.

I understood and accepted what I was feeling. I used to take an arsenal of distractions, security blankets of sleeping aids, mantras, typed out passages from self-help books to help me on these backpack trips, and if I slept through the night without anxiety or a panic attack, I would be so relieved, until the next night. By the time those trips in the past were over, I would be a wreck from all that dreaded anticipation, and I was so sensitized it didn't take much of a thought to send me into a tail spin.

I can't tell you all how thrilled I am to be able to do these hikes and wilderness camping trips without fear of THE BLUFF. All these years, was I afraid of wild animals, getting lost, falling down a cliff, freezing to death? No. The fear was of absolutely nothing.

Last year my husband had to drive me everywhere, and I was afraid of leaving home. I was taking medication to calm my nerves and to help me sleep. Last week I was on the top of a mountain, four days from any civilization, sleeping in a tent. I had no pills, no mantras....just new knowledge and understanding of the anxiety/panic condition and lots of practise under my belt.

So, carry on everyone. This method works. Put time and effort into listening to the audios and practising, because if you do, sooner or later you will get there. I absolutely know this, without a doubt.

My very best to all


The advice Dr. Weekes provides is just as relevant today as it was 30 years ago. Nothing has changed. I have returned to Claire Weekes' work time and again. I don't mind her "old fashioned" wording and no nonsense approach to this condition. Everything she says is God's truth... and she does it in a non-frightening way. I've tried other programs, including Lucinda Bassett's. I still think Weekes' tapes are superior. I also recommend David Johnson's Freedom from Fear program, which is entirely based on Claire Weekes' work.

Ever doubt the programs ability to heal you?

Ever think this isn't going to work?

Ever think you're fragile self is beyond repair?

Ever rattle David's instructions through your sensitized brain and nervous system wondering if he really knows what he is talking about?

Ever let that big fat gremlin, the biggest of them all, tell you the big fat lie called "you'll never recover"

and worse yet you believe the lie?

My answer to you is - don't! Don't doubt the program's ability to heal you, to work, to repair your fragile self. Don't doubt David's instructions because they are etched in gold. Powerful, powerful instructions.

KEEP going! Even when you doubt,

Keep going.....please don't quit....and please keep believing.

YOU WILL RECOVER because you have the best set of instructions on this blessed planet of ours. There is no other program that has the ability to CURE you. This will.

"Faith is being sure of what you hope for, and certain of what you do not see.

Sheila v. 517-547-6102 usa

Hi David,

I am writing simply to say thank you for creating this wonderful programme that provides the tools and teaches us how to recover from anxiety.

Your contribution in taking the teachings of Dr. Claire Weekes, and making them accessible to people in this way with a wonderful, supportive forum of fellow sufferers is priceless.

You have no idea (well maybe you have some idea ;) ) how many things I have tried in over 30 years to find relief from my anxiety.

This program has transformed my life!!

Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude or the feelings I am now experiencing as I approach that final station.

I stated in a recent post that for the first time in my adult life my first thoughts when faced with a new opportunity are "do I want to do this?" instead of "how can I cope with my anxiety if I decide to do this?" This has opened up so many possibilities for me that previously I could not even consider.

My outlook, demeanour, experience of living, and the responses from those around me, have been completely transformed. I can LIVE LIFE.

I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas, and a joyous New Year.

I know 2014 is going to be a joyous year for me

Kind regards, Carl Anders

Thank you David...may I see you in heaven someday...Thank you.




I just wanted to express how unbelievably grateful I am that I once stumbled across your website, and consequently had the opportunity to speak with you.

Before I did, I was absolutely lost with my anxiety, a feeling I know that all sufferers can empathise with. Thoughts have always been my downfall...the gremlins and the 'what if's forever played havoc with my mind. No one seemed to understand the mental anguish I was going through. I tried explaining it to friends, family, medical professionals and counsellors. None of them seemed to grasp what was wrong which heightened my anxiety e.g. "it's only me going through this in the world. I'm a lost cause."

However, I now realise that it's clear as day why they didn't understand: they were not sufferers! Why would they understand? The same rang true for the various other internet sites I came across as I scoured for answers to what was wrong with me. A lot of the advice was based around 'relaxing' or 'just not worrying', which didn't help me one bit. I genuinely believed I was going insane!

Then, one day in May 2011, I came across your site. My jaw dropped as I read through the pages. It may as well have been me describing what I was going through rather than you, that's how much it rang true! I simply couldn't believe it. I signed up for your program that day and spoke to you on the phone that night. It was amazing to chat with someone who understood exactly what I was going through, and I remember vividly you listening to my situation and saying "Joe, I am not worried about you at all." I had been SURE you would be more likely to say something like "wow, that IS weird!" However, it didn't sound like the words of someone who was giving me false hope. It sounded like the words of someone who believed that this program was perfect for me. For the first time I saw a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

I've never looked back since. I listened to the program literally whenever I could. I began to understand exactly what I was going through and why. I began to understand exactly what I needed to do (or 'didn't' need to do, as it were!)

The 'journey' to recovery has had its ups and downs, as you confirmed it would. 'The Method' is simple, but not easy. However, knowing I had everything I needed (the program, your support, and the support of the forum (more on that below!)) made me never feel like I was back to how I was before we crossed paths via the internet!

It's all down to second fear! I will never let this second fear dictate my life again.

I am recovered now. Sure, sometimes I feel worried. Sometimes I feel down. Sometimes I feel angry. However, this is ALL fine. It's just first fear, and I won't analyse it any more than that. It's the 'not adding' second fear that is key, and your amazing program has allowed me to do that.

Not only am I recovered but I am an even better person as a result of going through this process. More compassionate, more confident and more enthusiastic to just enjoy life to the absolute fullest. I have applied the Method to other areas of my life outside of worry, and it works just as well there too!

If I may, I'd like to address the awesome members of the forum briefly here too:- Guys, I doubt that anyone here will remember me, but I was an active member of the forum a couple of years ago. I sincerely apologise for not contributing more often since then, but I've been out and about practising myself, whilst living my life....(absolutely NOT saying there is ANYTHING wrong with the forum. The forum is awesome, but just highlighting how amazing it is to be able to say I have been out living when I was doing anything BUT that before starting this program!)

Just to let you all know, and hopefully inspire some of you who are struggling...this Method really does work. It really really does. I'm not in any way affiliated to this program, other than buying it, so I'm completely impartial. David has absolutely guided me out of the anxiety I had, and several people on this forum had their part to play. Guys, you may not recall me, but Mick, Sheila, Anna, Duncan, Seth etc...all the words I received from you guys helped me more than you can know.

I am indeed recovered now and it is amazing. You all will recover too if you stick with this program. The mind is a glorious thing. Nurture and nourish it by letting it do its thing without adding second fear!

David has provided the route on the map to recovery. Unfortunately that route is not necessarily direct, nor can it be. But it gets you there faster than any other route available, and you become a MUCH more complete person as a result! I now love living life day to day, with all its quirks and rough edges! It's possible for absolutely everyone else too, it really is.

An amazing quote from Anna which has stuck with me would be useful to use here: "I let myself fall apart, so I could build myself up again." (Or words to that effect!) I think that's a brilliant analogy for how this program works. Allowing myself to start from scratch and build myself up through David's words (and the support I received) has made my life better than it ever was before. My outlook, my mind set, and just my ability to deal with thoughts.

Best of luck to you all on the forum, and I'd be more than happy to hear from anyone who is on a similar journey.

Back to you David. All I can do is reiterate how thankful I am for your help. I hope you manage to reach many more with your work. Keep inspiring people the same way you have inspired me.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Much love and many thanks
Joe Lingard

Hello David.

It's been over a year now since I came to see you. This email is going to sound like a lot of others you've received I suspect. After twelve or thirteen years of getting my ass kicked by anxiety, things have changed significantly and I no longer care about it. After my meetings with you I practiced the method and kept the notebook tracking when I felt anxious in greater or lesser degrees—but didn't try too much, just kept living life and let the info distil down into me. A few months later I realised one day that something had fundamentally shifted for me. I hadn't written anything in the book for awhile but more importantly I just knew anxiety wasn't a significant deal for me anymore. I knew things had changed. Anxiety hadn't disappeared from my life totally but I wasn't too bothered if it turned up anymore.

My quality of life has improved out of sight. I've made some practical changes as well. Still working in the film industry sometimes doing crazy 14 hour days, but I started building too, doing some physical outdoor work in between television jobs and I've loved having a healthier balance. I still have the occasional bout of anxiety when I'm working on big high-pressure film projects but some amount of pressure in those situations is normal (anyone would feel it) and I'm getting much better at letting the anxiety do its thing and knowing it's just a set back and it will evaporate before long.

I've been recommending your program to people all over the place, both here and overseas. The forum was never going to be my thing exactly (when you spend 10 hours a day staring at screens for your job the last thing to want to do it look at a computer when you get home! I don't even own a TV and find computers and the internet very un-relaxing. Would rather read a book!) but I did jump on a bit at the beginning and post the occasional comment. And I can see that it is an incredible resource for people. Fantastic and insightful move setting that up.

Anyway thank you so much for your time with me and for investing so much of your energy over the years in something which helps set people free and gives them their lives back. I wish I'd stumbled across you & Dr Weekes years ago.

My sincere appreciation to you,


Dear David, Success story!!!(My English is moderate)I am so very very pleased to come here, finally and say to you I am free from my fear!!!It was just like you said. Time passed and I make a lot of practice in the program, so there were days that I didn't even remember I had a fear, days could go by and I didn't remember even the program any more, until 1 week ago, that I had a superb panic attack, it was a super setback, days go by, then I start studying myself, and confronted the fear even further like never before to a point that my heart was going to explode, but then, there was nothing. I realized that my fear was nothing, a lie, a misconception. Then I felt a hole in my body, or like if a HEAVY WEIGHT was lifted from my body. And I saw the window, and felt that complete freedom!, and happiness!! it was all over!!I can't even explain how happy and how it makes me smile, I feel better than ever, with superb energy, more confidence than ever, and, haha I just can't believe the day it would be over came. I remembered then , the first week I heard your program (which I only heard like 3 times!) that you said your experience when you were free, and you looked to the window and felt the freedom!, that moment I stood at my window and ask, would that day come? I didn't remember that any more until yesterday! ahhh to much talk! don't want to bored you! DAVID! THANK YOU!!!You showed me the way. I don't know what to say, but I know that I will never forget you. Thank from the very bottom of my heart! Sincerely, Juan M

Thanks for that,

You know what the penny has just dropped…with a loud thump….I get it….It's as though " you didn't see this before??" It has just all fallen into place…I cried and thought why am I crying????? I was crying with joy not sadness…. I have never felt like this since before I had my first panic attack back 27 yrs ago… I can't explain to you what I am feeling… It's like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. I'm liking this new feeling.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, xxxx You are a genius......

See things are looking up even us Aussies can get this HA! HA!


Dear David,

Today is the day I have finally seen the light and can confidently say that I'm 100% free of all my fears!!! I have not been your patient, however my wife was, in May 2006. We both went to see you at your Papakura practice while visiting New Zealand. I listened and thought I understood everything you said at the time; it all made so much sense to me. Although I was listening, I don't think I really understood what you said clearly, so I thought I'd do some reading and research of my own. I read some of Dr. Weekes work, but, once more did not really understand where she was going with her theories. In essence, I did not have the tools (i.e) I could not understand properly what I was told or what I read) to come out of this state of fear that I was in. I called my state of fear "my own prison" as it was impossible to get out unless I really thought deeply how to escape it. The harder I would think, the less it made sense. That created what I called dark clouds in my head. Those clouds did not help me understand and they just grew bigger. I could not think straight and thought I was caught in a downward spiral - a vicious cycle. I thought someone has to take me by the hand because I could not control my emotions. My own prison grew darker with these black clouds hovering above me.

However, although I was fearful, I knew there had to be a way out of my own prison, but I didn't really know how. I said to myself: do I start digging, do I push the walls down? Since I'm not that physically fit, I decided this was too much work for me and I just started thinking and thinking some more. Then your words, those of Dr. Weekes and my own came to my mind. Those positive thoughts came and went, over a period of 6.5 years; solutions came in and out of focus. Well, little did I know that all I had to do was focus and the location of the key to my prison would be revealed, which would then allow me to open the prison door and walk out.

How did I remember where that key was? Well, I asked the right questions to the right people and got the right answers back. I realized that sometimes we ask questions and no one can give us the answers, either because they don't listen to us or they don't know the answer to the question we just posed. In my personal case, it took a lot of effort and time to get people to listen to what I was saying and actually understand my questions, but after many years of perseverance, I was finally able to find the people that put me on the path to recovery. The answers to my questions led me to find the key to the lock that had been holding me against my will for all these years. I was essentially a slave of my own prison and I think this can resonate with your patients as well.

The lesson I learned from you, David, is that if you are in a state of fear, you need to raise your hand for help, look around at who comes to your aid and if one of them is someone you trust with your life, open up to them and tell them you need help... they will get that help for you. In my case, the help for my wife came through her brother who recommended she sees his family doctor who actually did not recommend sedatives or similar drugs, but recommended we go and see you. Now that I'm fearless, I can confidently say that was the best advice we've ever been given, as it has given me my life back! So, I want to thank Garry, my wife's brother, and his doctor, Dr. Jonathan Sprague, and, most importantly, I want to thank you, David!

Finally, people MUST remember that if they NEED HELP, they MUST WANT HELP as God only helps those who help themselves!

Fred C., Canada.


Hi David,

Just wanted to send you a short message to tell you I have RECOVERED!!!!

I can't thank you enough for your program and how it really helped me with the understanding I needed to start the recovery process back in January 2011. Although I had been suffering from medium level anxiety most of my life (although I didn't realise it and thought it was normal) it became severe and manifested itself in panic attacks with severe intrusive thoughts in October 2010.

I remember reading your website and seeing the words - anxiety is not in the least bit serious. Until that time although I had some good help no one ever told me this or that you could recover from anxiety. I now know this is because they didn't really understand anxiety themselves and the bluff it plays on you.

My most difficult experience was the scary intrusive thoughts and I can't tell you the relief I experience when I first listened to the recording and you said that these thoughts 'are not your real thoughts'. Although I had many setbacks post this time I think as soon as I heard this I locked this understanding away in my RIV and it gave me the reassurance I needed time and time again.

I listened to on the plane from Australia to the UK and back, almost every day on the tube to work in London, on the tube heading out to parties - as much as I could. The repetition and reminding of all the information was so important for my recovery.

Do I regret having anxiety - not for a second. Although it was a living hell as you describe the process of recovery has allowed me to figure out who I am and who I want to be in life. I have just enrolled to study my Masters in Psychology and my aim is to bring your teachings into this world.

I am the HAPPIEST I have ever been and am able to deal with more stress than even non-sufferers because I understand it so well.

I was close to recovery for probably the last 6 months or more, but realised I was fully recovered when I asked myself if I was and I just knew. That was in the shower a few days ago:)

The forum was a fantastic support to me especially in the year after I found the program and I will be sure to post about my recovery sometime soon.

I am so grateful for the amazing work you have done and continue to do and hope in someway to contribute to the spreading of your message in my career moving forward.

All the best David.

Dear David,

Thank you so much for the time you take to help me. I can't tell you how much it means to me. After so many years of suffering and thinking I was going crazy and that eventually my kids would be taken from me, I can't tell you how fortunate I feel I to have someone who knows what I am going through and who takes the time to help me!! I know you hear it all the time but I'm so thankful for you and you will always be special to me:) I know what a sacrifice it must be to be available to take time for others but THANK YOU for all you do! You said you'd like to speak with my husband, you can call anytime after 3 pm your time (7pm my time). Even tonight if you wish.

Here's a picture of me and the kids so you can put a face to my voice.


Hi David

I just wanted to say a huge thank you and to let you know how your programme has literally saved me. You called me about 3 weeks ago and we spoke for about an hour, you were so understanding. I'm not sure if you remember, I gave you a wrong digit in my phone number and you couldn't get through at first.

Anyway, your programme is absolutely magical. I was aware of Claire Weekes work over 15 years ago when I had a previous issue and read her books which were wonderful. However, if I'm honest, in hindsight I never really took the time to absorb all the information. My mind tends to wonder off when reading which is why your audio is so much better for me. I remember I would just read and re-read the pages that referred to my particular condition and didn't take into account the bigger picture. ie. the beginning, sensitisation, mental fatigue etc. I would just sit and read about facing, accepting, floating which I now know will not work on its own. As you say, you need complete understanding why you are in this state before anything else.

When I came across your website it was the reference to Claire Weekes that caught my eye. After reading the first page and seeing your video I burst into tears (off relief, not sadness)

I know that I've just started my journey to recovery and there will be many twists and turns along the way. However, what I do know is if I hadn't come across your work I would literally be curled in a ball afraid to do anything. In honesty, I thought your programme would be a repeat of Claire Weekes work pretty much word for word. However it is so much more than that and I don't know how you've managed to do it.

You explain it all on an even more human level.

I went to my doctor for the first time 2 weeks ago. He was very attentive and understanding. However, as we know he didn't really understand. How could he? He gave me a leaflet on CBT but I told him I had found your work and told him I know this is the way forward. He hadn't heard of your work but said that this was fine. What I find the most frightening of all is if I hadn't found your programme then how would I cope between now and my first CBT session in say a weeks time?

It doesn't bear thinking about. I think I would have come out of the doctors in an even worse state than ever.

I cannot thank you enough for how much you have helped me so far, although I fully understand it is still the very early days of my journey. I'm amazed that your work seems relatively unrecognised across the world. Every website I've visited refers to CBT or this way or that. But none of these websites come even close to truly fully understanding or explaining.

I thank you once again for your dedication in helping all current and future sufferers.

All the very best

To Fellow Sufferers,

I know you. I used to be you. Now I am recovered…and you can be too. I was nervously ill for 21 years before I found David's program. It all started when I was 18. I had moved away from home into the big city. I loved it, but was also a little overwhelmed with adulthood. I started to feel a general anxiety that escalated into anxiety attacks. I did not know what it was, my mom called the doctor and I was told it was ANXIETY….and to take some nerve pills and that was it.

A 10 minute appointment that left me feeling even more bewildered and like a total failure. He did not offer me a cure, but looked at me strangely, like I was going to lose my mind…which is exactly how I felt.

I couldn't explain my feelings to my parents, siblings, or friends; all I did was sink deeper and deeper into the maze of nervous illness. So off and on it went for a few years. I would feel somewhat better and would distract myself from the feelings, but they were always there, in the back of my mind, making me feel like they were waiting in the shadows to finally bare its ugly teeth. I could not read any articles about mental illness, and nervous breakdown, or I would get instantly scared that was going to be me.

I was constantly on edge, but managed to live my life, not happily, but just felt like I was barely holding my head above water. From 1995-2007, I tried medication (was usually too scared to take it) also tried many therapists, tried Lucinda Bassett's From Panic to Power program, tried The Linden Method (total waste of money) and all other kinds of things. Also during this period I married, had one son, then another, then another…..lack of sleep, working, building a house, moving 1000 miles away from my family, renovating a house, starting a business and then finally CRASH.

I did read Dr. Claire Weeks book and ordered her audio tapes. Her teachings helped me a lot, but still did not quite get me recovered. Then one night I was up late scouring the internet in desperation for a miracle solution, and I stumbled upon David's program. I was impressed with how he seemed to truly understand this condition, when nobody else could quite pin it down for me. My symptoms where mostly mental/emotion ones, so for the first time I felt really validated that I wasn't some sort of freak and this is indeed what I had….just good old anxiety. I always had a hard time articulating the strange sensations and feelings I would get, and finally here was someone explaining it and saying I could be cured of it as well! I emailed him and low and behold the next day, he phoned me. I was shocked, but after a lovely one hour conversation, for the first time in years, felt truly understood, hopeful, and also blissfully normal.

I ordered the program, joined the forum, and started my journey. The forum was great, and it was a huge relief to share with fellow sufferers. I worked on the program for a couple of years, along with many phone calls to David before I could finally say I was recovered. Now don't get discouraged with the two year part, as my journey was not all suffering. I had some really good periods of peace/rest, and then setbacks would occur and I would once again, listen to my tapes, spend time on the forum, or ring David, to get back on track.

This truly is a journey of self- discovery, and now that I am recovered, I really cannot say that I wish I had never had anxiety. I think in the end, for all my suffering, my life is richer than it would have been if I had never suffered at all. You cannot truly enjoy the sun unless you have experienced the gray.

So I will be forever grateful to Freedom From Fear and David Johnson, he gave me my life back.


David - Hope all is well with you. I just wanted to email you to let you know I had a major breakthrough! Over the years I have developed a phobia of travelling away to far places whether it be on a plane or in a car. I haven't been on a vacation away in 14 years! In spite of all that I was able to go to Las Vegas which is a 3 hour plane ride. I even had a really fun time. I was able to get thru that wall of panic the morning I left. I wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance to help me to get to this point. I couldn't have done it without your knowledge. When I was on vacation I felt like a butterfly flying in the air. I know that sounds weird but I really felt a freedom I haven't felt in years!!!

God is good!!

Take care,
Andrea Hernacki

Hi David

I thought I would drop you an email with an update of my progress.

Three months ago I could barely leave my own home. I would shake in terror, heart racing even just putting my shoes on. I am now back at work full time and getting out and about fairly regularly. I am not recovered and am not saying it has been easy (as you well know!) but I know for sure I am on the right road to recovery.

Two weeks ago I was able to go to a restaurant for the first time with my wife. It was not easy but when you consider last time (before I had your programme) I had to flee in absolute terror you will appreciate the progress I have made.

I have made mistakes. I started to go outside, to shops and busy areas to practice, but felt symptoms if anything were getting worse and I couldn't understand why. After asking the question on the forum I was advised not to make up places to go and to live your life as normal. But equally do not avoid places where you need to go. This was invaluable advice as I realised I had been testing myself and not practicing. I think it may have been a turning point.

I decided to totally immerse myself in yours' and Claire Weekes work. I have read, listened, read, listened, read listened 24/7 to the exclusion of virtually everything else around me and know this is the reason I am making progress. I think your work compliments hers brilliantly and I'm not sure if reading her work alone would have clicked into place so quickly. I can't thank you enough for your interpretation of her work and your continued understanding and support.

My very best wishes

Hello David,

I was just thinking about how far I have come on my journey, and how I am such a different man as to what I was when I first started out. Before I started my journey my life, actually every conscious moment of it, was dominated by anxiety and panic. For years, it was defining my life. Now although I haven't finished my journey I feel like I have an inner solid strength. I don't just have blinking moments of happiness like at the beginning but now I have hours and days of it.

I'm now also a very responsible guy, I no longer drink alcohol, I always try to be sensible in areas of my life and use my head, so as to improve areas of my life. I feel like suffering has limited my success in life and I am now trying to reach my potential and do the best I can. And it feels really good to be achieving and trying to achieve things in an optimistic, motivated way. I nearly feel like I did when I was a kid and used to have such a drive for things when thinking about what I would achieve when I was older.

David, I can't possibly equal with my expression of gratitude what you have done for me. It's just not possible. The reality is the difference you have made in my life is of such great significance it's just not paralleled by anyone else, except my Mother who gave birth to me!

So David from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!


I have been blessed to be living within the cutting edge. As I have grown older and wiser I have realized that most all my life I have desired truth. The truth at all costs. No monkey business - just a straight shot between two points minus any detours.

Recounting all the ways this has proven true in my life would take more time than I have, and you wouldn't be interested anyway. But I will share these parallels with you.

Miscarriage problems years ago. I wanted answers. Not the so called answer the doctor gave me after assisting with the first miscarriage. A pat on the hand stating that these things happen for unknown reasons and we have no answers. It perplexed me enough to find the answer, which changed my path to a path of true healing. Required patience as my body healed and detoxed, and my hormones balanced. Four beautiful daughters were the result of 5 years of dedication to healing the right way minus band aids. True hard earned healing.

Another parallel would be the emergency fibroid removal that saved my life. The first doctor told me I would die if I didn't allow an immediate hysterectomy. I didn't believe he had the right answer and asked him why the fibroid couldn't be removed and my female organs spared. He said he was not trained in fibroid removal so I asked him who was. This led me to another hospital not 30 minutes away...with a surgeon who was skilled in this area. Yes he saved my life and saved my female organs as well.

After getting stuck in nervous illness, I wanted answers. Not a band aid and definitely not drugs. Answers. Rock solid answers. A straight shot between where I was and where my recovery could be found.

David Johnson spoke truth to me on that cold December evening in 2009, and I knew it when I heard it! He knew the way out of the state I was in and I believed him. He knew me better than anyone and knew why I was suffering.

So my question is, what kind of time investment are you willing to enter into to obtain true healing, minus crutches and band aids? And more importantly, do you believe David and all the souls that have recovered the right way?

Do you believe you have in your hands a cutting edge program that is the only cure for nervous illness?

I pray you do, because it is your cure. Always was, always has been, and always will be. The method is the ruby slippers on your feet, that contains the power to heal you and the peace of mind and heart you desire.

Recovery land is worth everything it takes to arrive there and be forever free. You wouldn't want it any other way. When it arrives, you will know it.

Keep going!! Keep trusting the method! It is your cure!!

Sheila V.

Recommendation Letter

To whom it may concern,

My name is Kristina and I am writing to inform you about the Freedom from Fear Recovery Program which was created by David Johnson.

I have suffered from anxiety for several years. Before finding David's program I had tried numerous programs for anxiety, seen psychologists and been place on anti-depressants and sedatives to help me cope with anxiety. Suffice it to say, nothing had worked and I was very sceptical that anything could ever help me. I considered myself to be an intelligent person, yet I could not understand why I was in the state I was in or how I got there, and more importantly how I could ever get out of it! Today I feel I am a very different person. I truly believe that David's program saved me from a lifetime of suffering. More importantly, I feel David's program has allowed me to not only change my life, but the lives of those around me too. You see, I am a primary teacher.

I currently teach Year 4 and I feel very blessed that I have been able to help my students through their own anxiety. In my first year of teaching since discovering David's program I had four students in my class of thirty who suffered from anxiety. So what was I to do? I felt I had no other choice than to guide my students through their anxiety using the same understanding and strategies that David's program had given me. In short, the results were fantastic and I saw great progress and positive change in my students. They were happier, less troubled and more easily able to cope despite the way they were feeling.

Not only did I notice positive changes in my students, but others did also. One parent of a boy in my class who suffered from anxiety let me know that she has seen significant change in her son since I had worked with him. She reported that he was much happier and more at ease both in his school life and at home. I truly feel that as a result of using David's program, my students will carry the strategies I taught them on with them throughout their lives, just as I have done.

I never thought that I would be grateful for having suffered from anxiety, but surprisingly I am. Having found David's program I have been shown the ‘way out' of suffering and I feel that as a result, his program has allowed me to become a better teacher. I have more compassion and a crucial understanding of how anxiety works, why it is there in the first place and most importantly, how to fully recover from it.

It is without hesitation that I recommend both David and his program. He is a kind and caring person who only wants to help end the unnecessary suffering which plagues far too many people. I know that I will be forever grateful for all that David has done for me and it is my sincerest wish that he be able to continue helping people recover from anxiety.

All the best on your journey,
Kindest regards,


Dear David, Hi! It's been a while since I spoke to you David. And a very heart full thank you is very long overdue. Thank god I am living a very happy and content life without that blackness labelled anxiety. It's been over 2 years since we last spoke and I slowly made my journey to recovery. David I cannot thank you enough for always being there for me and my husband. You answered all my (annoying) phone calls, listened patiently on the phone and laughed off all my crazy worries. I must tell you that I recommended this recovery program to quite a number of people. Thank you thank you thank you for all your support and for being such a giving person in every essence of the word. You made our world shine again. (Please don't publish with my name)


Dear David, I bought your recovery program about 4 years ago. I had suffered for many years before that and with the help of your program I 'recovered' However About six months ago , I fell back into the old suffering again. I didn't immediately resurrect your recovery program that I had downloaded onto my mp3 player, but last week I listened to you again. And there it was ...the answer, section 6 of your program. 'you're a joke, you're pathetic etc'. My eureka moment, that's it. I finally understood. My recovery is now complete. As a good friend said to me some years ago 'when the student is ready, the teacher is there' Thank you David, you are my wonderful teacher ... your student has finally recovered.

Thank you again David.
John Higgins

Hi David,

It's been a long time since I last emailed you! I hope you are well. I'm just emailing you an update as I've been practising with the program for a while now. I know you hear from so many people; I'm not sure if you'll remember me, but I started the program about 3 1/2 years ago. I spoke to you so many times on the phone, I still remember the first time, getting that phone call from you that really did change everything.

I was a complete mess, huddled on my Mum's sofa, really believing I'd never leave it again! I'd spent years on medication, trying to function, I'd tried going to university three times and fallen apart each time, and at that point had given up hope of every achieving anything or getting out of "that state". (All boringly normal for you I know.)

When I spoke to you, you helped me get through the initial practise and the mess of leaving an abusive relationship at the time, and all the scummy gremlins that went along with it. I felt able to go back to university after a while, although was still unsure; I remember saying to you that I couldn't even concentrate enough to read a book or do a crossword without panicking. It was always my dream to one day be a scientist and work on huge physics experiments like the LHC and all that funky stuff. It really was just a daft dream though; anxiety and panic and OCD and whatever other diagnosed bits and pieces over the years meant I had to leave the ideas alone and just focus on functioning. You always said just keep moving forward and practise and see what happens.

Well guess what? I just finished my degree! Master of Physics, First Class Honours. I won an award too for my dissertation, and co-authored a paper which has been published. And I got accepted for an internship at CERN… the LHC!! I'm here now in Geneva, working with amazing scientists and still not quite believing it. Thank you thank you thank you. Every step of the way I've had times feeling overwhelmed, I've had a couple of times where I've needed to get through a setback and deferred exams, but I practise every day, and have always worked through it; the program has kept me going each step and every success is down to the method.

Im very sensitised at the moment; the end of the degree was a stressful time (it's supposed to be of course) and coming out here on my own has meant some panicky times. When I wake up, I float through the "holy crap" list of panic and gremlins, and practise through the day. I'm getting good at letting time pass, and eventually it'll settle down again. You were right; keep moving forward and look what happens! The bluff has stopped me doing any of this before, but this time, with the program, I've achieved so much. I'm not recovered yet, but I'm interested to see what happens next rather than being convinced I can't handle it. I'm waffling now, but I'm just so very grateful, my entire life has changed, personal and professional, in ways I could never have dared believe before you introduced me to the program.

I haven't updated any of this on the forum yet, I've just been getting on with it for now, but I will do shortly. I just wanted to let you know now how much of an influence the program has had and how grateful I am. I hope you don't mind, but I dedicated my dissertation to you :-) It seemed fitting as your words played through my head during most of it!

Thank you David,

Dear David

Although I do speak to you on a fairly regular basis on the phone I also want other people to know just how much you and your programme have and do help me along with my journey to recovery.

I have suffered anxiety for close to 5 years, around 5 months of that I was basically agoraphobic. I did nothing but try to seek help from any source I could find. I was terrified with how I was feeling, what was happening to me, I have never felt anything so awful in my whole life. After seeing numerous people I was able to get out, but I still had and feared the symptoms. I would sit and dwell all day on how much I was sweating, how light headed I felt, the dizziness that would not leave me, how weird I felt, feeling like I was about to climb the walls and I swear I was just about to wear my floor boards out through pacing so much, and a whole other range of weird and bizarre symptoms, I honestly thought I was the only one that felt this way, I mean to feel as if I had cotton wool stuffed in my head or just not seeing even something so normal as my lounge chair in a human way was enough to scare the pants off of me, and it seemed any counsellor or therapist in some way that I spoke to about all of this NEVER got me, they never seemed to understand where I was coming from. but since finding you and your programme and talking to you and reading about others I have come to realize I am NOT the only one who has all of these symptoms and thoughts, that in itself has been a huge relief to me.

I know even before I got to speak to David I was VERY sceptical about this programme, thinking "oh, here is another recovery programme scam", or "anyone could be writing these testimonials, they probably have never even had anxiety" but I was in such a state by this stage that I took the plunge and emailed David. Within a day he emailed me back, asking if he could please ring me, well that sent me into a spin yet again "why do you want my phone number"? "Is this guy some kind of weirdo out for vulnerable peoples phone numbers, and then there money?" well, my over anxious mind just went haywire I guess, and now I must admit I feel like a bit of a goof thinking I actually thought those things about this most wonderful, kind, caring and generous man. For when I did give out my phone number to him and he rang and spoke to me I knew it was the best thing I had done in 4 years. David spoke to me about the programme, a little on how anxiety works, I immediately felt peace come over me, a little more understanding of what was going on inside of me, I therefore got the programme and I have NOT regretted one minute of it. I was amazed as I was speaking to him that he actually DID understand me, he knew EXACTLY what I was saying, thinking and going through. I also now know that all of these testimonials are from genuine anxiety sufferers also wanting to help others with their story on their journey to recovery.

Although I have not been on the programme for very long yet, I do know that I will and am on my way to recovery. I listen to the tapes every day, and every time I listen to them I think to myself "Oh, I get what he is saying" even if I have got it and heard it 30 times over, the more I learn and understand, the more calmer I get and the more I start to understand this layer upon layer recovery method. I still get my symptoms and my gremlins are still out in force some days, but knowing EXACTLY what is going on with me and my thoughts, I feel a quick sense of calmness wash over me, but if I EVER need to have a little bit better understanding or questions about what is going on with myself or the programme I know that I can ring David and speak to him about it, and he will ALWAYS put my mind at ease or put me back onto my railway tracks and keep me moving forward. I am very excited about my journey even though some days are hard, I know I will get through them and keep moving forward to recovery.

David is a magnificent person who I very much admire and respect, and I honestly cannot thank him enough for the help he has given me and the help I'm sure he will continue to give me along my way to recovery, as he does with EVERYONE.

Please, if you are considering this programme, understand it is not a scam, it is a genuine programme from a very genuine man who has been through anxiety himself and is giving nothing but his knowledge and understanding to others to help us recovery just the way he has. Nothing with anxiety is a quick fix, and a lot of us just put up with or live with our symptoms and thoughts, but in doing this programme you will see that It is the way to recovery and how to stay recovered with it only being a distant memory of your past.

Take care everyone and remember, there IS a way out of this!!

South Australia.


I just returned from a road trip with our youngest daughter. (She is the one that wrote about me for a school paper. Some of you may remember because I posted it here within the forum.)

We went alone, to a big mall we had always wanted to go to in a town near Detroit. I reserved us a room in a nice hotel, and we spent the past two days shopping, eating out, and having lots of fun!! Nicole is a senior in high school this year, and it's spring break at the moment and I wanted to take her somewhere, just the two of us. Hubbie and I have four daughters, with Nicole being the youngest. We also have two grandchildren, that I watch from time to time to help Nicole and I don't often get time to be alone together.

Sure was fun, and also hard to believe! I drove us on the freeways to a place we'd never been before. Complete with a map we had highlighted our route on, and we also had our GPS along. (She isn't often taking us the right we made sure we knew where we were headed so we didn't get directed onto some country road out in the middle of nowhere!)

Also stayed in a hotel we'd never been to before, and it was lovely! Even had warm chocolate chip cookies handed to us upon our check in. Nicole sure felt special, which was the reason we went! No distractions, AND my phone barely rang. I later found out the other three girls decided they were going to leave us completely alone. Felt weird, but it sure was nice!!

This mall is a double decker with two levels and TONS of shops. When we first entered Nicole told me she was nervous and her heart was about pounding out of her chest. She finally confided in me and said she was kinda scared being in a big city in a mall we were unfamiliar with. Man I had no clue what to tell her. (Just kidding!)

I told her it was normal to feel this way. That everyone feels that way when they head out to somewhere they have never been before. Kind of a mystery, until the unfamiliar becomes familiar. Also told her we were safe, and that her feelings of anxiety would lift in a short time....just to carry on and let me know when it was gone.

We walked up to the information desk, told the ladies there this was our first time at this particular mall, and they handed us a map. We stood there at the counter looking at all the shops listed, and Nicole's face lit up. She was pumped!! AND her anxiety left too!

After we acclimated ourselves to our surroundings, we decided to get some lunch in a nice restaurant to start the day. Lord knows we needed the energy to "shop till we drop." big_smile

Started shopping on the lower level, after lunch, and proceeded up the escalators to the top level for the late afternoon and evening. Since it was after holiday (Easter) the mall wasn't super busy, which was nice. Plus it was Monday, a slower shopping day.

When we first started out on the trip, I couldn't believe I was actually heading into uncharted territory. Had a flash in my mind about it. RIV piped up and said "Well you must have forgotten you used to head to Chicago all the time for fitness training, and wasn't the least bit concerned about it." That gave me renewed confidence and off we went!

Had a blast, and we were choosy shoppers. Neither of us likes to buy things we'll never wear. Been there done that before! So we took our time, and only purchased things we truly loved. We headed to eat supper around 8:30 p.m. (didn't quite close down the mall.) Then went to our room and crashed for the night. Felt amazing!

This morning, we decided we had conquered the two level mall and wanted to do some shopping at a mall we generally go to that's about an hour from our house, plus it was on the way home. Had to eat breakfast, but turned into actually being brunch. Whipped off an exit and ate in a town we've never been to before, at a Cracker Barrel. Yummy stuff!

Got to the next mall, and found a few things Nicole wanted to finish off her list. The shoes she wanted weren't available in her size at the previous shopping center, but this mall had them...and she was super excited!

I did all the driving, freeways and all. There were a couple cranky drivers along the way, that felt the need to honk at me because I hadn't responded to the green light fast enough. Gotta love em....must have anxiety!! I just smiled and waved, acting as though they were honking because they knew me. One guy sped past me like he was ticked off. I wonder why??

Got all my stuff put away and am ready for morning. Heading to the office, then to praise team rehearsal in the evening.

Life is grander than it's ever been. It's because I found the cure for nervous suffering. The Freedom From Fear Recovery Method!!

Hugs to all!!


I purchased your program several years ago. It was referred to me by my gender therapist. I am transgender and sought counseling before and during my transition. My therapist recognized the problems I was having with anxiety and panic. She suggested that I download your program and begin work to rid myself of these problems. It has been a long journey, but the combination of your program, your help from phone calls and email and my desire to do whatever I needed to do to finally get my life back worked. I am recovered.

My journey has been a long one. I first began experiencing symptoms when I was around 20. I suffered on and off for 30 years or so and then found Claire Weekes' books and then your Freedom From Fear program. I did well, while slowly working on my anxiety and panic problems. I had a few setbacks, but followed your advice to work through them. I no longer fear anxiety or panic or the physical symptoms. You saved my life - or in other words, helped me live without the constant fear of the effects of the What-if-Twins: What if This and What if That. They are silly looking monsters that now make me laugh rather than scare me!

I have referred several people to your program. Whenever someone I know describes their fear and frustration because of fear and anxiety, I immediately tell them about my friend David Johnson and his Freedom From Fear program. You do great work for people all over the world. I wrote a book about my experiences with people as a transgender person - I mention you and your program in my book Left-Hander in London: A Field Guide to Transgenders, Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals - In the Family, On the Job and In the Pew so hopefully more sufferers will find you. No one needs to suffer because of anxiety and panic.

JJ Marie Gufreda.

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