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This is where I see you

You are in a swimming pool, out of your depth, and you can’t swim. At the same time you are struggling to keep your head above water, because your fear is that you will finally go under. And as you try to stay a float you struggle even harder, and the struggle exhausts even more, because for you, it is all about surviving each moment of fear.


You are now lost in a dark frightening forest and you can’t see anyway out. And your thinking is, “if only I can retrace my steps and exit the way I came in.” However, the way out is not retracing your steps. In fact the only way out is to continue on through the forest, come out the other side, move on with your life, and leave the forest behind you. (Your symptoms)

I know from personal experience what a frightening place it is to be in. However, it is not in the least bit serious medically. I also know, to your way of thinking, the more it frightens the more serious it must be. However, I repeat once more, frightening yes, serious, definitely not. Indeed the worst you feel, the further away recovery seems. (Yes, I even know this)

Do you understand what I am saying?

So what now?

You probably have come to realise through my web site that I really do have an understanding of your suffering, and you could be thinking “this is my last hope” and then that “voice of doubt” that every sufferer has says, “this program might work for others but what if it doesn’t work for me, what then? Because all hope will be lost” and that doesn’t bear thinking about does it?

Once more you are allowing fear to rule your life. It is only fear of failure that stops sufferers from reaching out for the help that I offer. This non-clinical program that I have recorded is simple and gentle in its approach. Step by step it comforts, encourages, supports and directs the sufferer on his or her journey to complete recovery.

Do not begrudge what you have been going through, because suffering like yours in many ways is a privilege. If you recover the right way:

  1. You will end up with an inner confidence you never had.
  2. You will have great compassion towards other sufferers
  3. and you will look back on what you went through, and see it as an incredible learning experience.

Actually, there is no mystery about “the anxiety state”, it is so easily explained, and I refuse to complicate something that is not complicated in the first place. I know you are looking for peace of mind so here is my suggestion to you. Why don’t you get the right help from someone who really understands you, recover, and get on with your life?
(Personally, I think that is the most sensible suggestion I could make.)

I truly understand your suffering and through this very simple program am ready and able to offer the right help you so desperately want. It would be my privilege to be a part of your life through my program, in your time of need.

Don't let fear stop you from reaching out for the right help.
In other words, don't think. Instead, reach out for yourself.

About Me

My name is David Johnson principal and founder of the Freedom From Fear Counselling Centre here in Auckland, New Zealand.

My first panic attacks were as a 7 year old. They went as quickly as they came, but returned 39 years later (1986). An occupational therapist referred me on to the teachings of Dr Claire Weekes, and it was her teachings that made complete recovery possible. My suffering lasted 2 ¼ years and I consider those years to have been my apprenticeship. In other words, I went to the UNIVERSITY OF SUFFERING where theory was not a part of the course. Because of my own personal suffering, and journey to complete recovery I have been able to help other sufferers achieve the same result, through the counselling I have been offering since 1988.

You will notice this is not a “hyped-up” web site offering “the 7 secrets you need to know etc…” Because I know how vulnerable you are to any ones words (especially Health Professionals) and yes, even mine.

This web site has been constructed with genuine sincerity because my conscience would not allow otherwise. The rest of my life will be spent helping those who reach out for the help I offer.
One of my last wishes before I eventually leave this earth will be that my work through this program continues to be made available to as many sufferers around the world as possible.

Best Wishes

David Johnson


So What now?


Simply fill out the easy 3 step form with your questions and I will promptly respond to you with the answers you need.

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