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    I know that for sufferers searching the internet for the right help can be a confusing, as well as an exhausting experience. As a past sufferer I can give you the right help so that you can recover and get on with your life.

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    David Johnson, creator of the program, talks on how overcoming panic attacks inspired his work to help others experiencing the condition.

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    Over the last 28 amount of years, many thousands of sufferers have been through the Freedom From Fear Recovery Program.

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    The Freedom From Fear Recovery Program is a 9 hour audio program that you can download in MP3 or buy on CD.

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    Watch this video clip from the creator of the program and past sufferer, David Johnson

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Hello, my name is David Johnson, principal and founder of the Freedom from Fear Counselling Centre and the reason I developed the Freedom From Fear Recovery Program is very simple. Out of my own suffering of agoraphobia (panic attacks, etc.) and eventual complete recovery, I gained what I consider to be a wonderful gift -"The Gift of Knowledge" and "The Gift of Understanding".
However, as I have just stated, such a gift is only a true gift if shared with others. And so it is through the Freedom From Fear Recovery Program that I am able to do this.


I am also the founder of ANXIETYFREE-INTERNATIONAL. This is registered as a "NOT FOR PROFIT ORGANISATION" and has an International membership of over 2170 members who belong to our wonderful Forum.

Interestingly, they have put up at this time, over ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY TWO THOUSAND POSTS and not one of those posts has had a negative word to say about this program. Originally the Forum was a part of this website but has been transferred over to Anxietyfree-International. As well as purchasing my program, you will be given FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP.

Within our organisation, we only speak of recovery. And yes within our Forum we do have members who have recovered.

These members choose to stay in the Forum to encourage others on their journey to recovery. I had the confidence to set up this Forum to allow individual sufferers on my program to communicate with each other. This is not just a support group.

In fact, the Forum members refer to it as the "FREEDOM FROM FEAR FAMILY', because as sufferers, they are so close to each other.

Should you purchase my program you will join this International family that is so caring, supportive, compassionate, understanding and non-judgemental. REMEMBER THIS. OUR MEMBERS ONLY SPEAK OF RECOVERY. This is your opportunity to join what will be your new extended family. When we seek help from someone, (and yes, that includes me,) we are putting our future in their hands, and if they are unable to show us the way to recovery, what will our future be? Given the right help RECOVERY IS INEVITABLE.

Only fear of failure will stop you reaching out for this help. DON'T LET FEAR CONTINUE TO RULE YOUR LIFE.

In the first week of March 1988 I completed my journey to full recovery. Nothing has changed since then.

As a sufferer there are only three questions you want answered:

  1. Why Am I Like This?
  2. How Do I Recover?
  3. How Do I Stay Recovered?

You are more concerned about the state you are in NOW than what might have caused it. All you want is to be free of the fear that is holding you back from moving forward. Although I have the confidence to tell you that you CAN recover, at the moment you haven't the confidence to believe me - I KNOW THIS.

And yet, no matter how long you may have suffered from nervous illness: IF YOU WANT TO RECOVER YOU CAN.

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