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Darren ShieldsApril, 2003

Dear David,

I write this letter to say thanks for what you have made me aware of. I also would like others to know more about the great work you do.

I have had all sorts of strange ‘goings on’ in my body for nearly four years which at one stage I felt so bad I rushed to hospital in the middle of the night only to feel 100% half an hour after arriving there much to my embarrassment.

This started off an almost weekly visit for some sort of medical test or New Age treatment to diagnose what was wrong with me. I spent thousands of dollars and I mean ‘thousands’ with always the same end result. Nothing found, nothing cured. Was there no way out of this terrible thing that was happening to me, who should I trust for treatment? I gave them my hard earned cash but never received the answers I craved.

A couple of years ago I saw your ad and sent for some information I thought, yes more money down the drain and no cure. I moved on and tried more cures recommended to me, these never worked.

I never threw away your card with your contacts on, I am not sure why but 5 weeks ago after another bad belt of dizzy spells, heart palpitations and many other frightening things I decided to find your card and give you a ring. This I believe was really the first time I had made the right move on my road to recovery. You spoke the same language I did on the phone and asked me when I would like to come and see you, I said, “yesterday” and you laughed – you knew how I felt and made me feel at ease. I now have been to see you twice and truly believe I am on the way to recovery. If only I had spent the time to stop and find out more the last two years would not have been such a battle, but as I now know part of what I was suffering was the inability to sometimes make the right decisions as my mind was like watching clothes in those washing machines with glass doors – it was all over the place.

I now know what was going on in my body as you have explained all in plain English. You have taken all the worry out of the bad things I was feeling. If any one reads this and is unsure of David and his teachings being the right option for you as a sufferer, DO NOT PUT IT OFF !! – there are no pills, no witch doctors, no needles, no magic wands just good common sense questions, then answers and guidance. You must take the first step on the road to recovery by contacting David.

Thank you very much David you are an amazing person.

Yours sincerely

Darren Shields

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