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Yvonne PhillipsMarch, 2005

Dear David,

I have been meaning to contact you before now, just to say what a difference your tapes have made to my life. There aren't any words to express the changes in my life. The more I listen to the tapes the more I realise there are so many levels, and just when I think I now know what this means , there are still more levels left to go. I am not the person I was. I so much want to help others, and have tried to encourage others with my enthusiasm for your tapes. When you become more aware yourself, you see the suffering of others more. I did a 'firewalk', and walked on broken glass, with no ill effects, to prove to myself and others, we are capable of a lot more than we think, and it's only the voice of doubt that stops us from finding the real inner you.

Even though I havn't completed my journey, I am determined that if I want to do something, I will. I have had enough of the voice of doubt. I have learnt that I have to let the gremlins in because if you let the fear control your life, you are only a small percentage of your true potential.

I feel for the first time in my life I am living, I have more confidence to know, and do,what I was always meant to do, and be. I have found a spiritual side to me I didn't know existed. I now have a deep desire to help others, as I have found that the more aware I am of anxiety, the more I recognise the fear in others. I want a simple life, I have no need to keep myself constantly occupied, to stop my mind from running away with fearful thoughts. This is because I have an inner peace that has been covered in a veil for fa r  to long. I love nature like never before. I see it with the eyes of a child as if I've never seen it before.

So finally I thank you David for everything, from the bottom of my heart. Keep up the good work.

Lots of love Yvonne Phillips

Cheshire,   England

I f you would like to put this info on your website  I would be happy for you to do so.

P.S. Besides the tapes being very easy to understand, you also have David to speak to whenever you feel the need. You tend to think 'I dont want to bother him', but when you ring him you wonder why didn't I do it sooner, as he is the easiest person in the world to speak to. Not only friendly, but the understanding he has is immense. So don't worry about it, just ring, even if you are a first time caller !!

Be assured, David will not try to get you to do anything. He has a softly softly approach to all callers. Don't let fear stop you from reaching out !!

Best wishes


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