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Why You're not Understood.

How often have I heard those words from a sufferer. Indeed for many years I have been asking this question of sufferers.

Wherever you have been for help can you honestly say you have felt understood by those trying to help you?

And the answer has always been no.

You see sufferers generally speaking are treated by those who are taught to think and treat on a clinical level. However, sufferers do not think nor do they suffer on a clinical level. In fact sufferers think and suffer on a human level, so there will always be that gulf between the sufferer and the clinician / therapist. The sufferer is always trying to understand the clinicians / therapists point of view, or the current model being presented, in other words where they are coming from. Whereas, my program comes from the sufferers point of view and therefore will only be understood by those who suffer.

There is no criticism meant or implied of anyone here. It just happens to be a fact of life.

I know you are more concerned about the state you are in NOW than what might have caused it. All you want is to be free of this thing that is holding you back from moving forward. Although I have the confidence to tell you that you CAN recover, at the moment you haven't the confidence to believe me.

Forget about me for the moment, because I have this to say. It doesn't matter who you reach out to for help, there is one thing I know for sure...

You need to be sitting in front of someone or be going through a program put together by someone who understands you more than you understand yourself. Someone who can answer these three vital questions.

  • Why am I like this?
  • How do I recover?
  • Having recovered, how do I stay recovered?

Any method that brings a sufferer through to complete recovery is a good method. Through using this method I have been completely recovered for over 28 years.

Once more...

When practiced the right way and with my guidance THIS METHOD WORKS!!!

So What now?


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